The VisDrone 2022 Challenge

The VisDrone 2022 Challenge will be held on the PRCV 2022, for object detection and counting in visual data taken from drones. We invite researchers to participate in the challenge and to evaluate and discuss their research at the workshop, as well as to submit papers describin g research, experiments, or applications based on the VisDrone2022 dataset. The challenge mainly focuses on two tasks:
(1) Task 1: object detection challenge. The task aims to detect objects of predefined categories (e.g., cars and pedestrians) from videos taken from drones.
(2) Task 2: crowd counting challenge. The task aims to counting vehicles and people in each video frame.

The scope of the workshop comprises all aspects of image and video analysis with respect to drone platform, including but not limited to the following topics: object detection and tracking, large scale learning, visual surveillance and tracking in crowded scenes, traffic flow analysis, motion trajectory analysis, human and vehicle indexing and retrieval in video sequences, and dataset proposals and bias analysis.

The FusionPortable-VSLAM Challenge

This FusionPortable-VSLAM Challenge is based on the FusionPortable dataset, which has been collected by covering a variety of environments on The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology campus by exploiting multiple platforms for data collection. It provides a large range of difficult problems for SLAM.